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Projecto Comenius Regio: “High Quality training for professional insertion and local development”

Comenius Regio: “High Quality training for professional insertion and local development”


  • To promote cooperation for quality assurance in VET in the two partners regions (Romania and Portugal): It helps young people to acquire the basic life-skills and competences necessary for their personal development and future employment; it will encourage students’ competitiveness and will develop their entrepreneurial spirit;
  • To underline the importance and contribution of social cohesion and active citizenship by involving entrepreneurs, teachers, parents and local authorities in young people vocational training;
  • To foster interchange and cooperation between “actors” involved in local/regional education; to give them the opportunity to discover and apply the experience of another European country. It is a way to enhance the European dimension of education, with social implication too.

All partners will become aware of the importance of a life-long training in order to develop an active European citizenship based on reciprocal understanding, respect and tolerance. They will discover the partner’s way of life and work, the culture and traditions of another European country. There will be developed the communication skills in a foreign

A Execução do Projecto permitirá alcançar os seguintes resultados:

Principais resultados esperados

  • To organize young people’s vocational training at an European level so as to ensure their professional/social insertion: more opportunities for an efficient placement (a great number of enterprises, a smaller number of students in a group) in case of the Romanian partner; a qualified and certified training not only for young people, but adults too, in case of the Portuguese partner. 
  • ways of matching vocational training with the needs of the local/regional work/job market; it is an issue of high interest for all project partners; 
  • A high quality training that encourages students to have initiative and start a business in the area, contributing to the local community development. New initiatives may have a snow ball effect: new jobs more employers-a growing economy-a richer local budget-more opportunities to solve and improve social aspect of the community.

Projecto Coordenado pelo Município de Rucar na Roménia e em Portugal pela Câmara Municipal de Setúbal